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Agreement by and between on the One Hand

Agreement by and Between on the One Hand: Understanding This Legalese Phrase As a copy editor, you may come across the phrase “agreement by and between on the one hand” during your work. While it may seem like a mouthful of legalese, it is a standard phrase used in legal documents and contracts to […]

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Stamp Duty for Rental Agreement in Chennai

Stamp Duty for Rental Agreement in Chennai: Everything You Need to Know If you are looking to rent a property in Chennai, it is important to understand the legal procedures involved in renting a property. One of the key aspects of renting a property is the stamp duty for rental agreement in Chennai. What […]

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Far Definition of Cost Reimbursement Contract

When it comes to understanding contracts, there are various types of agreements that businesses or individuals can enter into. One such contract is a cost reimbursement contract. In this article, we will define what a cost reimbursement contract is and elaborate on its key features. Definition A cost reimbursement contract is an agreement between […]

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