Jetstar Engineering Enterprise Agreement

Jetstar Engineering Enterprise Agreement: Understanding the Key Points

Jetstar is a leading Australian airline that operates both domestic and international flights. In order to ensure smooth operations and maintenance of its aircraft, the company employs a team of skilled engineers who work tirelessly to keep the planes safe and running.

In order to maintain a harmonious relationship with its employees, Jetstar has signed an enterprise agreement with its engineering staff. This agreement outlines the terms and conditions of employment for these workers, including their wages, working hours, and other benefits.

Let`s take a closer look at some of the key points of the Jetstar Engineering Enterprise Agreement:

1. Wages and Allowances

One of the most important aspects of any employment agreement is the employee`s remuneration. The Jetstar Engineering Enterprise Agreement outlines the wages and allowances for engineers based on their level of experience and qualifications. The agreement also includes provisions for overtime, shift allowances, and travel allowances.

2. Rostering and Working Hours

The agreement also specifies the rostering and working hours for engineers. The normal working hours are 38 hours per week, but this may vary depending on the needs of the company. Engineers are entitled to shift allowances for work outside normal hours.

3. Leave Entitlements

Jetstar offers its engineering staff a range of leave entitlements under the enterprise agreement. This includes annual leave, personal/carers leave, and parental leave, among others. The agreement also outlines the process for requesting and taking leave.

4. Health and Safety

Jetstar places a premium on the health and safety of its employees. The enterprise agreement includes provisions for health and safety training, as well as guidelines for reporting and managing injuries and illnesses. The company also provides its engineers with personal protective equipment and other safety measures.

5. Dispute Resolution and Consultation

In order to ensure a harmonious and productive working relationship, the agreement includes provisions for dispute resolution and consultation. This includes a process for resolving disputes between employees and the company, as well as consultation arrangements for major workplace changes.

In conclusion, the Jetstar Engineering Enterprise Agreement is an important document that sets out the terms and conditions of employment for Jetstar`s engineering staff. By understanding the key points of this agreement, employees can ensure that they are receiving fair treatment and benefits in their workplace. Additionally, by adhering to the agreement, Jetstar can ensure that its operations run smoothly and safely, benefiting both employees and customers alike.

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